The Net is Still About Them. But That’s About to Change

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Here’s one of my “daydream” moments. It’s about the internet and how we use it. The internet is fantastic. I say it is the most important invention of mankind. It has changed lives (and will continue to), it is attracting billions of dollars in investments (ask Tim Ferriss, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, or any tech savvy entrepreneur and investor.) It’s …

On Being Canadian

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I am an aspiring aka Canadian wanna-be. And I work in the awesome office of UFV International. This section is dedicated to what my Canadian colleagues feel about the question: “What does being Canadian mean?” Number one. Here’s an image quiz. What is the boat on the Canadian dime called? It’s called the “bluenose.” Huh?

The Push and Pull Ways of Education

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Do you know the meaning of the term “rote”? Me neither. Last week, Andy told me about it. I have done it for about… 11 years but never knew the proper term for it. It’s “learning by memorization.” Ahhh, I used to be so good at this (now, I can still get by, but I’m getting rusty!) It makes me …

Struggling with English? It’s never too late!

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A lot of international students at UFV want to transfer to UBC and SFU. A good portion of these students want the transfer for reputation’s sake. Back home, nobody probably hears of UFV. UBC and SFU will give them a better chance at being recognized. Another portion of the transfers though, is because these students can’t get into the degree …

Finding Time

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We’ve all done it. At one point or another, we all have said “I wish I could do that but I don’t have time!” I have just spent 2 hours sitting in a class reading stuff online. I have them all saved in my Read It Later account (I went from 11 pages down to 9 pages btw.) A week …

Why Are You Here?

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I am an international student. That means there are 3 things I am likely to have/experience: 1. Shyness – shy from interacting with local students, and everyone not-from-my-country for that matter. I jump to find out who else is also from my country. And I become their best friends as soon as we meet. Because that makes me feel normal …

Technology Predictions

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I recently replied to a Technology Prediction question on Twitter with one of my favourite firms – DelloitteCanada. Here they are, plus more: 1. Social analytics tools will be sought after, big time. 2. Filtering tools will be popping up. In the long run, we will no longer be seeking out new information ourselves. Rather, we will live in the …

You are permanent online

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Have you ever thought about how much work is involved just to change your addresses when you move? You have to notify the banks, the phone companies, your employer, friends, relatives, the government… That is because the address is attached to you. When you break the attachment, you have to let your world know that there is a new address …