Backdate the Journey

“It’s not until you’ve lost everything that you are free to do anything.” — Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

I didn’t fully realize it then, but┬ámy journey to minimalism started in August when I got rid of all my stuff and fit everything I own into my car.

What's Left Of Me

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Ok this is REALLY whats left of me

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After my girlfriend and I broke up, I could no longer stay at that place. Four years, too many memories at practically every corner of that apartment. Speaking of the break-up, I feel like there should be a post on it. It’s coming soon.

This Friday is my last day at work. And yes, there will be another post about me leaving my job too. It’s also coming soon.

In the span of four months, I ended a three-year relationship, moved out of my primary residence, and left my (barely) stable job. This is not about quitting everything so I can become a monk. It’s about accepting the presence and moving on: be it my job, my girlfriend, or my house/apartment.

Enough for a change?

Not yet. One last corner of me that needs a “clean-up” is my mind. Thanks to Ben’s post on vipassana, I’m going to clear my mental and spiritual state as well this Christmas in Merritt.

What started out as my desire to live more simply and more minimalistic has turned into a complete life-changing experience, figuratively and literally. Even though I will miss Joshua, Ryan, and Colin Wright in Vancouver, I will be travelling the path closer to theirs than I have ever watching from the sideline. When we finally meet (I do look forward to it, dudes) it won’t be me saying “Oh I want to do what you guys do.” It will be: “I have started the journey that you guys inspired me to, and it’s awesome that we cross paths, fellow minimalists, world travellers and authentic lifers.”