The Goddess of Serendepity

Yesterday was a crazy serendipity. A couple days earlier, I had made a one-minute video to apply for a job with the TropicalMBA crew, Dan and Ian. Yesterday, I arranged a coffee chat with Christopher Zobrist, who should be completely unrelated to Dan (but they weren’t.)

My conversation with Chris was going well. We talked about entrepreneurship in Vietnam, Steve Jobs (he’s a big fan, I gathered), and his businesses in Vietnam. Then some people kicked us out of the room because it’s already been scheduled for another meeting at the exact time that Dan was visiting the office (where Chris and I were at.) Chris needed to go to the washroom and asked me to wait in the lobby, where Dan was standing. I would have missed him if it wasn’t for the fact that he was standing with his back against me, and he had the TropicalMBA logo on his shirt. I was surprised to find a FAN of the blog, but upon closer look, realized it was Dan, the man himself. Turned out, Dan is staying at Christopher’s place while he’s in the Hoch. He turned around, shook my hand and said “I just watched your video yesterday.” Crazy!

Now, I found Chris on Startup Weekend HCMC’s website and emailed him. I found Dan through Karol’s post on starting over. It just happened that Chris wanted to meet at 3:30 on Friday. It just happened that Dan was dropping by the office to talk to one of his crew members. He would have been there for about 10 minutes. And this crew member told me since he’s been working for Dan for the past 5 months, he’s rarely ever seen Dan. Hadn’t Chris and I gotten kicked out of the meeting room at 4:30 precisely, hadn’t Chris asked me to wait in the lobby, hand’t Dan visited the office (which he rarely ever did!), hadn’t he worn that shirt, hadn’t he stayed at Chris’ place. In a city of almost 10 million people, on a Friday afternoon…

Sometimes things happen randomly. Sometimes it seems like it was fate. I am probably over-emphasizing or looking for clues when they aren’t there. But if things happen for a reasons, I met Chris and Dan for a reason. And I’m excited to see where this unfolds, if it does. This is where, to avoid getting too excited and hopeful about the future, Derek’s favourite fable comes into guidance. I “will see”.