Discover Niche Ideas For My Internet (Kindle) Empire

Recently I have been studying and taking digital advice from Steve Scott ( He’s killing with Kindle Publishing in the most authentic and awesome way that I am aware of: he writes the books himself and they are about areas that he is interested in and he makes mid six-figure from his one niche. Nirvana! 

Below is an exercise he recommends to work out a niche that anyone could start a Kindle empire on. From this process I actually narrowed down 3 niches and a potential “idea sex” that I really like (but doesn’t fit into a conventional “niche” like “dating” or “personal development”.) I’ve listed the questions below and my answers. If you are going through the process of picking a niche for your digital empire, I would recommend this exercise. You may look at the questions and think “how is this going to help me find my money niche.” It actually works really well because it combines a potential money niche (Profit) with something you are already interested in or already good at (Passion) into a combination that you can use to be both working on something you care about AND making money at the same time (Purpose). This was the “idea sex” I mentioned earlier :) 

Have fun with this!

  1. How old are you? In my later twenties
  2. What is your gender? Male
  3. Where do you live in the world? Vancouver Canada
  4. What is your racial background? Asian, Vietnamese
  5. What is your relationship status? Single (but taken :)
  6. How do you relate to other people? Huh? Wasn’t sure about this question so I haven’t answer it yet
  7. Do you have children? No
  8. How do you spend your time? I spend a lot of my time on my laptop. I spend a good 3-5 hours a day on a sales job with Less Doing. I spend the rest of my time looking at, working on business ideas: I’m starting an Amazon physical product business, I’m working on 2 web design projects for cashflow (that I would love to stop doing because I don’t care about it at all, but, I feel like I’m being forced to keep doing this for another while until my other businesses take off, either the Less Doing sales will pay for my bills, or Amazon physical product will start paying off. But then I already know the ASM won’t pay off until 6 months from now so that’s more of a long term play. So really I spend 4-6 hours a day on cashflow stuff (Less Doing, web design) and the rest on ASM, or reading, watching training videos or courses
  9. What do you do for fun? Oh man… I have put on a limit of what I do for fun, mainly for financial reasons. Right now I watch movies primarily for fun. Occasionally I’ll go on hikes when the weather is good. But mainly movies and occasional eating out. Rarely, iceskating. What I would LIKE to do for fun if money wasn’t an issue: I would like to go on road trips, ideally weekly, even over short distances (I live in Vancouver so a trip to Squamish or Whistler would only take a few hours.) I would also do more outdoor and social activities like going to the bar with friends, going to museums or social nights, going to game places like escape or paint balling etc.
  10. What are your current hobbies? Hmmm. Again, I have put limit on what I choose for hobbies because of financial reasons. Currently I mostly read books and online materials on self development, consciousness, meditation, so the spirituality arena. Actually other than that I don’t really have a hobby that I regularly go to. Self Development in all forms: reading, listening, watching is pretty much all I do for hobbies. If money wasn’t an object, and I don’t artificially put no time for hobbies and fun stuff on my daily routine (because I feel like I need to maximize my daily hours on working and improving myself to make more money so then I can have time to do fun things and spend time in my hobbies). If money wasn’t an object, I would pick up scuba diving as a monthly or biweekly hobby. I enjoy diving in the water and exploring the underworld. I would also pick up dancing. I would also get back to drawing/sketching, something that I used to do regularly (everyday) when I was in junior high.) I would definitely travel more often, to neighbouring provinces, down to the US (now that I have a US visa), and internationally. I would also pick up another skill, probably computer/technology-related because I am fascinated with technology and how it can be the tool to liberate human labour (so that we can all spend our time doing what matters most to us)
  11. What is your current career? I am a new and trying entrepreneur. I sold $10,000 worth of websites last year. I started a Kindle publishing business last year and it has generated about $2000-3000, but I’ve probably only broke even on that. I’m starting a new part-time sales position with Less Doing, a productivity coaching organization
  12. Is there a career you’ve always wanted to try? Hmmm. I don’t know if there is one that I have always wanted to try since I was little. I remember wanting to be Bruce Lee really bad when I was little. Then when I read a lot of love novels, I wrote poems and even started writing a short novel (which I don’t think I finished. It’s been such a long time now I can’t quite remember.) Then in University I wanted to take up computer programming because I was into gaming and I wanted to learn it. I remember finding it fun to reinstall Windows on my laptop and going through the process. But then I didn’t. And then I actually wanted to start a technology/software startup, because I liked technology and startups and the potential to be big and influence the world. So I don’t know if there is one specific career I’ve always wanted to try. There is a theme throughout this which is my natural interest in technology and figuring things out.
  13. What skills do you possess? Hmmm… this is another hard one. I learn quickly and I am adaptable. I know a little bit of HTML and can wiggle my way around HTML code (probably 3/10). I know copywriting and I can write efficient copy (6/10). I can sell (somewhat. I would give myself a 5 out of 10 with selling). With computers, I’m quite efficient (8-9/10). I also know about efficient web design structure that sells (not designing websites, but making it efficient at selling). I know how to buy domain, configure email addresses on the hosting
  14. What skills would you like to learn? I would like to learn how to make money online and how to run successful businesses that are virtual and can be run from anywhere in the world. If there is 1 skill I would like to learn this year, it would be that. I would also like to learn how to turn Passion (Purpose) into Profit. I would also like to learn the process of how to identify someone’s passion. Actually now that I think about this, there’s at least 3-5 books that I can write about the Passion to Profit “market”, if that’s even a market
  15. What are the things you’d like to achieve? In 2015 or immediately or as soon as possible, I would like to be able to earn $5000 a month from a business that is: location independent (I can work from anywhere), time independent (I can work at anytime) and doesn’t require more than 2 hours a day. If I accomplish this in 2015, I would be satisfied with my progress, career/business-wise
  16. What are your fears? 1. that I don’t know enough about the subject to write about it. 2. that the niche isn’t profitable. 3. that people will think less of me if I write something out of the ordinary (like, consciousness) 4. that this model will not work out and I won’t be earning money
  17. What challenges do you experience on a daily basis? 1. Staying consistently focused on one thing. 2. Knowing exactly what to do that will either progresses me further or make more money
  18. What obstacles have you overcome in your life?
    1. Language and culture barrier. I came to Canada when I was 17 and I had to learn to speak English while going to school.
    2. I’ve immigrated myself to Canada, something that’s not easy, compared to my peers.
    3. Overcome my anxiety and depression tendencies and inactions and get off my ass
    4. Juggle full-time study, 2 jobs and volunteering gigs in college
  19. What are your favorite books, movies and songs?
    1. Favourite books: Man’s Quest for Meaning, Power of Now, Autobiography of a Yogi
    2. Movies: Fight Club, Avatar, Inception, Matrix (they all have to do with the nature of reality – false reality genre
    3. Songs: Ain’t No Mountain High, The Impossible Dream
  20. What do people tell you’re good at?
    1. Computers and tech stuff
    2. Coaching and counselling
    3. Systematization: putting something into a process, breaking things down into steps