Google Chrome Makes Sense

I’ve been waiting for the Google version of Outlook/Thunderbird for a long time. A Google E-mail Client, a Google Desktop Calendar that let me save emails and store events. It seems I’ll sill have to wait for those yet here comes the Google browser-Chrome.

Opinions are mixed about Google Chrome. I conceive it’s the right move. It makes sense. Aside from the technical advantages, here are my not-so-technical list of why Chrome makes sense:

1. Integration

Microsoft still rules the office world with its Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook. On the other hand, Google is all about the web and the web experience. Not only does Google Chrome loads pages faster, it also handles HTML codes better thus enhancing your surfing sessions.

2. Simplicity

Google Chrome

Remember the Google homepage? This is the next application of Google’s simplicity philosophy. A no-brainer browser for the rest of us. Nobody uses Internet Explorer’s add-ins. Firefox only has 30% of the browser market and half of those don’t use add-ons. Really, the only things that I need every time and all the times from my browser, that I want immediately when I open it up are:

  • The address bar
  • The search box (which is combined into the address bar!)
  • My bookmarks

And that’s all you get right away from Chrome. Brilliant!

3. Data Aggregation

My buddy, Alex McAulay, posted an entry entitled “No one cares about Privacy” a while ago. To some degree I’m eagerly agree with him. Some people are just paranoid about their privacy. They are also the ones who nag about it the most so we think every one is dying protecting their private lives! I think it’s a bunch of crap. 2 points:

  • Joel Mitch has an entry on spam, he concluded that the reason spamming is proliferating is because people are buying stuff from spam emails. Don’t want spam? Don’t buy from spam. Similarly, Google is about data. It’s what it does best. So if you don’t like giving them your data, then don’t use their service(s). Freebies do come with a price-a piece about yourself in this case. It was true and will remain true. Get used to it!
  • The rest of us: we don’t care about our privacy that much, at least in this context. So what, if Google knows a little bit about me? Soon enough the digital life is going to be at least 50% of our lives. Whether you want it or not, you’re going to have an online identity. Plus, advertising is NOT evil. Irrelevant advertisements are. I want to be marketed to, for the stuff that I’m interested in. So take my information and use it to market the right products!

So what’s your take? Is Google Chrome just another hopeless attempt to break into an already-saturated market? Or is it something else, something different than the traditional browser?

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