Learning Something vs Having Something

Are you interested in LEARNING some skill or just HAVING it? I have always wanted to be the bad-ass martial artist. But when it comes to LEARNING the martial arts, it didn’t happen. Bought a coupon for 30 days worth of unlimited martial art lessons, and I didn’t use it, until the very last day. I made some lame excuses not to go in, and tried to get a refund from SocialShopper (which I didn’t get :()

Still, “It would be cool/awesome if I am good at martial arts”.

The difference: some skills you are willing to put the efforts in to LEARN vs some skills you think would be cool to have (juggling, magic) but not really wanna put your efforts in. That’s like everyone wants to have more money. But not everyone wants to put in the time and effort to have more money.

Stop wasting time with the “it would be cool if I…” and spend more time with the “I actually enjoy learning/doing…”