Running and Reading

Will Smith is one of my favourite actors – The Pursuit of Happiness, Seven Pounds, I’m Legend, just to name a few. My favourite video of Will Smith is however, not from any of his movies. It’s from a YouTube video I saw a while ago named “2 Things In Life”. Will Smith talked about the 2 most important things in life, which are: Running and Reading. Here’s a recap – which I think are very valuable.

1. Running

When you run, and you get tired, there is a voice inside your head that says “I’m tired. I’m tired. I gotta stop” And your muscles are tired. Your breaths are heavy and suffocating. Your legs are burning. You’re in pain. And you want to stop. But you have to learn to defeat that inner voice. It is this inner voice that tells you you can’t: you can’t succeed, you can’t become great, you can’t change the world. Defeating this inner voice is saying no to failure, saying no to giving up, and saying yes to impeccable will power.

2. Reading

70 percent of US adults have not been in a bookstore for 5 years ( Reading is so important, in fact, it is one of the 2 most important activities in Will’s opinion. Every problem in our life has occurred to someone else, and was written in a book already. “There isn’t a problem you have that someone else hasn’t and written about it.”

I’ve recently been fascinated with the libraries and the books. Not only because my spending budget is shrinking (hence the libraries) but also the underlying idea of the libraries and the books. The book publishing industry is going through dramatic if not revolutionary changes, though the value of the book still remains and is being expanded. And I do believe that most human problems and solutions are written somewhere already. Just think about it. The knowledge of the entire human race, however momentary historically, is contained in the library. The Universe, the Earth, life, us, all of these understandings are there. Somebody else has already done the work of exploring and investigating everything. The least we could do is to find those knowledge.

So Run because you have to learn to defeat your self-limiting inner voice. So Read because all of your problems aren’t as big and unsolvable as you think – the solution already existed.

Running and Reading…

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