Three Kinds of People

There are lots of kinds of people. There are even more ways of categorizing all those kinds of people. Today, there are 3 kinds.

  1. The Leaders
  2. The Doers
  3. The Complainers

The Complainers are excellent observants. They pick out the flaws and imperfection. If you have a product ready to go to manufacturing, get the complainers to critique. Weed out the unimportants and there should be “some” worthwhile feedback from them.

The Doers are the ones who get things done. They hate sitting in meetingsĀ and listening to everyone’s rantings and don’t participate in office gossip and fusses. If you have a tight deadline, they will stay late to complete the projects. That’s when the Complainers will have excuses (my back hurts, this is too short notice, I’m busy).

The Leaders love listening to people, coming up with new ideas, and jumping from one to the next. They are the visionaries, motivating people – the Doers – to get things done. One thing that some Leaders are able to do is converting the Complainers to the Doers, but some can’t. That doesn’t mean they are not good Leaders however. It just doesn’t make economic sense to do so at times.

Now here’s the important piece. A Complainer should never be a Leader. They usually don’t end up being a Leader, but sometimes by accidents, they do! Why shouldn’t they be? Leaders are motivators. Complainers are downers. Unless converted to Leaders, Complainers actually drive people away from doing stuff. Cuz they themselves don’t do. The Doers become the Leaders when they learn to motivate and stay positive. But even without this, they are still beneficial.

On the other hand, when a Leader is a Complainer, s/he needs to be fired.

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